Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Are smokers really being persecuted enough for your liking?

Man, you know who society really just isn't nearly intolerant enough towards? Smokers. I mean OK maybe we've kicked them outside of bars despite the lack of any solid evidence that second hand smoke has caused one single death and sure we run ads on TV all the time with messages like smoking is the one single thing that holds the world back from being a utopian paradise not to mention our steady backing of groups like Life Education Trust which encourage children to look at smokers like a slimy group of sub human that live in the sewers and devour kittens. But really, shouldn't we be doing more to inconvenience people who are just 'minding their own businesses? Some warlocks smokers don't even want the in door smoking bans! They suggest things like DESIGNATED AREAS for smokers! Ha! Sure thing Mr. Tar Breath, I've got your designated area right here:

Don't look at me like that! Auschwitz is just sitting there, completely unused and quite frankly it's a damn waste. Fortunately it seems that several lobbying groups along with the government are on my side with this. They've launched a campaign to stop people littering the streets with cigarette butts. Apparently this problem has increased as a result of not letting people smoke inside. Some vampires smokers will say we can't expect to alienate them from bars and restaurants and still expect them to keep our streets sparkly and clean. Well fuck that, I think we should have our cake and eat it too! I was once talking to a smoker (if I recall correctly the conversation took place briefly after he broke in to my house raped and murdered my entire family and burned a truckload of orphans to death while doing a naked victory dance, throwing his feces in the air and catching them with his cancer ridden mouth) and he put it to me that bar owners should have the right to set their own rules and regulations, what an unreasonable bastard. My position on this matter is blunt and concise: Fuck You. Should it be illegal for someone to set up one bar for all smokers to just sit and smoke in together? Hell yes it should be, that's why IT IS. Should we impose smoking bans on rural pubs, where virtually all of their customers are either smokers or smoker friendly? YES! Just because they're not bothering anyone doesn't mean they should be tolerated. If we can impose our will on them, we should. It's that simple. Man Fascism is awesome. I don't know why it gets such a bad rap…

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